When sending your answers to the questions below, please attach the questions and your complete answers to your email, and send them to the SH Help Desk. Be sure to include your username and email address.


Give a description of your background in English.


How long have you been in fandom? Which fandoms do you have experience in?

Rate your HP knowledge based on a scale of one to ten, ten being that you know 95% of it.

Strengths and attributes:

In your English knowledge, what areas do you think you need improvement in?

Do you know HTML? If so, rate your knowledge on a scale of one to ten, ten being a master at it.

What do you consider your greatest weakness, and how could this negatively impact SH?

What do you like most about working with others? What do you dislike the most?

Do you consider yourself to be a born leader or a team player? Please explain.

Writing/beta experience:

Do you have beta reading experience? If so, please list it.

Are you an author? If so, please list links to the archives where the stories are posted.

Why do you write/beta?


Do you have journal? LJ/GJ/DJ/Jphen/other?

What do you read for pleasure?

How important is recognition to you?

How important are details to you? Why or why not?

Sycophant Hex:

Do you have a problem with any current member of our staff? If so, please name who and what the situation is. We need to know so it can be solved before becoming an Admin.

Are there any stories you would prefer not to read? (Ex: non-con, incest)

What do you know about our validating process?

What do you know about Sycophant Hex?

We generally require six to eight hours per week from each Admin; are you able to give this time?

Privacy is a big factor when it comes to Admin duties; are you willing to keep any information you may gain as private, even from your friends?

Are there any authors you feel you could not work with?

A writer is very unhappy because you have just turned down her story, which has multiple errors. What is your reaction?

Why do you want to become an Admin for Sycophant Hex?

Though you are a good writer, with several published fanfics, you now find that you've been assigned to a mentor who closely monitors everything you do. How does this make you feel?

Below are some common problems that can arise when being an Admin. Please answer each scenario as you feel it should be handled. Please do not believe there is a commonly correct and incorrect answer to these. This is used as a gage to show us where we have to proceed when training you.

An author who is used to a previous Admin now has to work with you, you catch some things that are not exactly correct or incorrect but you ask for a correction on them. The author replies with a nasty letter stating she never had this problem before with all the other chapters she has previously posted. What is your response?

A sex scene is straight out of a lower class guy magazine - you tell them that PWP on our site is supposed to be erotic, not pornographic, and they get hostile. What do you do?

You are working a submission and see the word 'aether'; what do you do?

As an Admin. you request a change on a particular item because you have researched it within your grammar books, but the author replies back and states they are correct and you are wrong. What do you do?

As an Admin, you use your word processor to do spell checks on submissions. Your spell checker picks up the word 'personalise' or 'personalize'. Which one is correct and which one is incorrect?

You have just learned that a story you approved has multiple errors that you somehow missed, which were caught by a reader and brought to the attention of another Admin. What is your reaction?

What do you do when you see a word like 'chastize', which lights up your spell checker?

Explain to the author why the following submissions are unacceptable. There is a NC-17 version and a G version, you may skip the NC-17 if you wish.

NC17: "Oh bloody hell, 'Mione, I'm cumming," shrieked Sevi as he thrust into her hot pussy.

G: "Granger you are beautiful," sighed Sev as he caressed her long blond hair. (A/N Yes, I know its boring brown in the books but in this story she is blonde cuz she died her hare over summer. Lol!)