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Featured Fics for November 2007

This month is Admin appreciation month at Sycophant Hex, and as such we've highlighted some of our favorite stories from the various admins (past and present) that we enjoy for the month of November.


What Good Comes of Memories by aphrodeia (W)
An assignment brings Hermione face to face with things she thought long gone…

Somewhere I Have Never Traveled by Savageland (W)
More than thirty years after a mass-killing curse devastated Hogwarts, a mature Herm…

Honeysuckle by liquidscissors (S)
“I’m not planning on taking your photo and bearing it back to Hogwarts as a holy relic, Miss Granger.

Disturbed Slumber by MetaMuse (S)
Some unexpected visitors happen by Hermione's flat. Though her unexpected visitors get a surp…


Rules of Engagement by aerynfire (B)
Sherlock Holmes has always declared the fair sex to be John Watson's province...until Hele…

Punishment Duty by Daya (C)
When you do the crime, you have to face your punishment. 006 and 007 find that out. A brief…

On the Way to New Orleans: Ophelia Remembers Twenty by ranegrrrl (B)
Based on Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe. A different imagining of Oph…

Eros & Sappho

As the Gentle Rain by RaeWhit (L)
For Snape and Bill, obsession is only the beginning. Written for the LJ thematic_hp Rou….

The Misadventures of Polyjuice Potion by LariLee (S)
Healer-in-Training Fletcher Nightingale has seen some unusual things in his training at St. M….

Odysseus's Last Days by Amand_r (S)
"He certainly hadn't predicted that the happy ending he'd dug out of the dirt, the blackness…


A Meeting of Dark Minds by Dryad (B)
Ever wonder if there were other Voldemort wannabes in the world? What would happen if yo…

Chocolat by Wonk (S)
Chocolate has many powers. It can heal, twist emotions, break prejudices, and perhaps, in the o...

In the Library by pittwitch (L)
“You were magnificent,” Lucius praised him, his lips brushing against his cheeks.…

Never Say Never by RachelW (W)
Just why did Snape look as if he were trying not to smile as McGonagall and Dumbledore exa…

Rainy Day by amethyst (L)
A rainy day at the Burrow, and an unusual couple finds a way to pass the time.…

Remus is a Good Boy by JackieJLH (S)
Six glimpses into the life of Remus Lupin, told through the eyes of those around him.…

Splinters in my Heart by lunafish (S)
Once upon a time, Narcissa and Severus were in love. Sadly, some things just aren't mea…

Tomorrow's Appeal by celisnebula (B)
Neville Longbottom has died, leaving his Muggle wife and young daughter to navigate the st…

What is and What Will Never Be by Vaughn (S)
Bill reflects on what was and what is now. This is a short reflective piece from Bill's point of view.…


You Don't Know Me by Scaranda (C)
When a young Severus Snape goes to Malfoy Manor with hope in his heart for the wom…

The Diary of the Half-Blood Prince, Part 1 by CareCrystal (S)
After a close call with Dumbledore and a Pensieve, Snape makes a decision and develops an ac….

Vodka on the Tonks by Fervesco (W)
Little Angsty Ficlet - Snape/Tonks - Tonks is drunk! Very drunk!

The Wizard and the Muggle by jessicadamien (L)
There is something bothering Lupin. Snape wants to know what it is . . . but wouldn't he rat…

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