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Featured Fics for November & December 2009

These stories all feature Luna Lovegood in some manner (some in ways that will make you cry). Enjoy!


Enraptured by sshg316 (W)
Having just announced her engagement to Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger is shocked whe.…

Rosemary for Remembrance by Hayseed (B)
A battle won is often also a battle lost. In these cases, faith is hard to come by.…


The Feige by celisnebula (C)
Luna Lovegood, always in search of the Blibbering Humdinger and the Crumple-Horned Snor…

Eros & Sappho

Believe by Blaise_Zabini (B)
Hermione has realised the terrible, unexpected costs of fighting Lord Voldemort alo…

How a Gay Man Should Please a Gay Woman in Bed, According to Luna Lovegood by Snegurochka (L)
Remus may be a sex god with men, but his experience with women is lacking. (Adult) Lun.…

Love Me Good by dracoslovechild (W)
Luna Lovegood comforts Ginny Weasley after she finds her crying in the girls' bat.…


Blue Moon by LookFar (W)
Luna Lovegood was certain that Mad-Eye Moody wouldn't remember her from Hog….

Love and Levity by KatieBell70 (S)
Not many people bother learning to tell the twins apart. But George Weasley begins to dis...


Stupified by potterverse (C)
Never before had he run into a petrified Luna Lovegood on his nightly rou…

Folie a Deux by bluestocking79 (C)
Luna is inspired by the season's first snow. Severus is inspired by Luna.…

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