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Sycophant Hex hosts stories (fanfiction) and artwork (fanart) of characters and locations created and owned by J. K. Rowling, Scholastic Books, Bloomsbury Publishing, Warner Brothers or any other company that own copyright to the Harry Potter series. We also host stories that may feature characters and locations owned/created by other parties including but limited to Joss Whedon, George Lucas, Lucasfilm, Fox, Paramount, Random House, Pengun Putnam, Inc., Ballantine Books, and a variety of other people. We are non-profit website; we make no money off this site or anything related to it. No copyright infringement is intended.

Original stories (characters and locations) are copyrighted by the Author.

All users are bound by the Terms of Use.

All designs and graphics on this site belong to their respective owners. They may not be used without direct permission from the designer/artist. is registered with CyberPatrol. We have submitted to Net Nanny and Cybersitter several times to be added to the list.

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Uncommonly Good Contest
Announcing the Uncommonly Good Contest!

Working in cooperation with Whispers Publishing, the staff of Sycophant Hex are thrilled to take part in launching a publishing career for one of our own!

URL for Whispers Publishing:

You heard right—the first prize in this contest will be a publishing contract from Whispers Publishing! The winning entry will be published in ebook format, royalties paid, with professional editing, a great cover, and resources to promote your winning book!

Please carefully read the rules and restrictions provided by Whispers (posted below) prior to submission.

Rules and Restrictions
So how does it work?
How will submissions be judged?
I still have questions!

Important Announcement
It is with great regret that I must inform you that CareCrystal has decided she will no longer be able to continue as Webmistress of Sycophant Hex. While she will continue to support Sycophant Hex as much as she can, going forward, I've gladly agreed to take on the role of Webmistress.

CareCrystal has been with SH for many years, working in virtually all of the roles on the site, and serving as a wonderful, dedicated Webmistress for over two years. We are all very sorry to see her go, and wish her all the best for the future.

This transition should be smooth and seamless for site users. I have been with Sycophant Hex for quite a few years, working both in the submission queues and on the technical side of the site, and am looking forward to continuing to support SH and its members for many years to come.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to comment here, or to contact me at

Thank you,

Site Updates
The Sycophant Hex home page is currently being updated. Users may notice some changes over the coming weeks as we bring our site information up to date. The fanfiction archives will not be affected or changed.

Thank you!

The Sycophant Hex Staff

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