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Featured Fics for May 2007


Furry Matchmaking by septentrion (B)
Crookshanks is not pleased with his mistress' choice of partner, and decides to…

Beyond All Doubt by dolefully desired (L)
An unusual request by the Wizengamot leads Hermione to witness a side of her…

The Squandered Heart by moonrevel (W)
Separated by contrasting loyalties, Hermione and Severus make preparations fo…

Nimble Fingers by Cherrii (S)
Years after the war, Hermione reminisces on her past….

The Burrow

And They Lived by SS Lupin (S)
Ron wants to be Hermione's knight in shining armor. One-shot….

The Hunt by smoke (L)
It's the night before the full moon, and Charlie wants to join his big brother…

The Nymphrodite Story by altaorion (L)
In another world, Harry Potter was not just a wizard. In this other world, Ronal…


The Rules of Engagement by aerynfire (B)
Sherlock Holmes has always declared the fair sex to be John Watson's province…

Severing the Past by (S)
Two Padawans escape the attack on the Jedi Temple and set out on a self-appoi…

Eros & Sappho

The Watcher by Scribbulus Ink (L)
Severus needs to learn how to let go of death and embrace life….

Jagged (the slut is mine) by Snegurochka (L)
Some things don't require an anniversary. Some things are best left hidden. So…


The Spaces Between: Sketches Inspired by Book 6 by lunafish (S)
Written right after the release of HBP, this story looks into the hearts and mind…

Resolving a Misunderstanding by MMADfan (W)
Minerva has returned to Hogwarts to teach and has just finished her first term.…


The Werewolf Prank by xenasquill (C)
An account of the infamous 'Prank', told from the points of view of both Sirius…

Fate is a Fickle Friend by Elfarren (C)
Unintended events take place after the Marauders pull a practical joke on Snap…

Scar Mates by RaeWhit (B)
With Harry at Hogwarts for his first year, Professor Snape struggles to deal wit…


A Silver Lining … Part 1 by Angel Mischa (L)
When Draco and Hermione are forced to live together in their seventh year, nei…

Triangular Tangle by Dreamy_Dragon (L)
When Snape receives an invitation to dinner at Malfoy Manor, he doesn't expec…


The Open Door by shalimar1981 (B)
Remus Lupin is lured by an open door. He can't resist temptation and watches…

Caprice to Breath by Lamenting Quill (W)
Minerva is grieving, but she finds comfort in the most unexpected of people.…

A Longing Beyond Reason by Pennfana (B)
Response to the “Lupin is Not a Wimp” challenge (well, sort of, anyway). Lupin is c…
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