\"Wishing you were somehow here again\" by Kity
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Song Title: Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again
From: The Phantom of the Opera
Pairing: SS/HG
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything Harry Potter… I wish I did
Rating: PG

The story takes place 2 years after the fall of The Dark Lord

”You were once my one companion . . . /you were all that mattered . . .”

Hermione walked silently into the graveyard. The afternoon was bright and sunny, contrasting with her mood and black attire.

”You were once a friend and father - /then my world was shattered . . .”

It had been two years since the fall of the Dark Lord, two years. While everyone was celebrating she was still in morning. Morning for her soul, her love, and her child. She never knew if she would get the latter of the three back.

”Wishing you were somehow here again . . . / wishing you were somehow near . . . “

Knelling softly at giant monument she began to sob. Silently at first then letting go she allowed the sobs to fill her whole body.

“Sometimes it seemed if I just dreamed, /somehow you would be here . . .”

‘Severus’, she silently sobbed, ‘How can I go on with out you here?’ It had been 2 and half years ago that they were married. Two months later she was pregnant and they were the happiest couple out there. Then The Dark Lord struck two months later, and her world was shattered.

”Wishing I could hear your voice again . . . /knowing that I never would . . .”

After placing a bouquet of red roses on the monument, Hermione laid on the soft grass. With her eyes closed she thought back onto happier days.

“Dreaming of you won\'t help me to do/ all that you dreamed I could . . .”

‘Severus! It is gorgeous! Where ever did you find something like this?’ Hermione exclaimed pulling a red velvet robes out of a black box, ‘They are perfect!’ Severus took his wife and growing baby in his arms and smothered her with kisses. ‘They are only perfect because you are, my love.’

”Passing bells and sculpted angels / cold and monumental, seem, for you, the wrong companions - /you were warm and gentle . . .”

Not five months after his death, was a little baby girl born. She died shortly after drawing in her first breath.

“Too many years fighting back tears . . . /Why can\'t the past just die . . .? “

Using what ever strength was left Hermione stood, and walked to a nearby grave. She slowly traced the name on the head stone: “Rose Granger-Snape”

”Wishing you were somehow here again . . ./ knowing we must say goodbye . . .”

‘When did my life go so astray? My world was perfect… perfect! When did I lose control?’ Sleepless nights and heavy drinking had taken their toll on Hermione. She no longer loved to do the things she once did… she consumed her life with grief.

“Try to forgive . . . teach me to live . . . /give me the strength to try . . .”

‘SEVERUS!’ She flung her self on his head stone, new sobs rocked her body. ‘Severus! I can’t go on… I can’t keep on living like this!’

”No more memories, no more silent tears . . . /No more gazing across the wasted years…”

Hermione stood up, straightening her robes. She made a promise to her self then and there to live. Never to forget, but to still live.

“Help me say goodbye.”