Welcome to the Sycophant Hex's O.W.L. exam and interview. The Administrative Team at Sycophant Hex is made up of multiple personalities and skills. In order to screen for compatible and qualified candidates, we have arranged a series of questions and an exam. If you are comfortable with the process and are accepted after completing the process, you will begin as an Admin Apprentice.

All Apprentice Admins will extensively train, while being mentored by a Site Admin while working any queues. Admin Apprenticeship usually lasts two to three months. This trial period allows both the applicant and the SH staff to determine whether or not our relationship is mutually working out. We will discontinue involvement without negative repercussions if our relationship is simply not working.

As you read the interview, please answer the questions to the best of your ability. When completing the exam, please follow the instructions or the text provided for each section. When answering the questions, do your best, and use any and all resources you may have available. When sending your answers, attach the interview and exam as two separate documents to your email, and send them to the SH Help Desk. Be sure to include your username and email address.

Sycophant Hex accepts both US and UK grammar rules. Below are the links to the exams and interview.

O.W.L. Exam - US Version
O.W.L. Exam - UK Version

A representative of Sycophant Hex will follow up with you as soon as possible.

Thank you,
SH Staff