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Welcome back to Occlumency!

Randomly Selected Stories
The Burning by Taboo (B)
A novel length fanfiction involving Severus Snape and Cho Chang...

Darkness Descended by Zephyr (S)
A short ficlet about how I imagine Severusí decent into Darkness....

Recently Updated/Added
The Dark Lord's Pleasure by Agnus Castus (L)
A Ministry witch has her darkest fantasies fulfilled... but at what cost?...

The Interruption by Rosewood (C)
It has been nearly a year since Voldemort has been defeated. As the end of ...

The Debutant by Agnus Castus (C)
A new dinner guest arrives at Malfoy Manor. Drabble challenge on the Facebo...

A Nagini and Severus Tale by nagandsev (W)
What is the greatest sacrifice one can give? This tale begins in Severus' s...

The Sleep of the Soul by Tarpeia (L)
Sequel to The Redemption. Lily's life as Severus Snape's wife under the Dar...

Love and Life by nativemoon (S)
One-Shot Short Story. Severus Snapeís point of view about love and life and...

Between a Sleep and a Sleep by flaminia (C)
There hasn't been a time when she did not watch him....

There Will Always Be Hope by morgaine_dulac (B)
After Snape has been told that Lilyís son has only been kept alive so that ...

A Change in Circumstances by Esm3rald (L)
Female Harry Potter. Holly Potter, the girl-who-lived, was left on the Durs...

The Ethereal by Tarpeia (L)
Determined to drive Severus away from the Dark side, Lily feigns to join hi...

His Way by repossessme (S)
The end of the school year approaches. Aside from bringing about the summer...

For His Child by morgaine_dulac (C)
Itís the first Christmas after the war, and Morgaine mourns her Severus. He...

A Perfectly Potent Potion by Squibstress (L)
Severus makes a little extra Polyjuice. Hijinks ensue. Warnings:P...

The Tortured Soul by purpleygirl (S)
What's worse than discovering you have someone else's soul instead of your ...

The Mooncalves Dance by Tarpeia (L)
When Lily falls for James Potter, the black-eyed Slytherin, Severus Snape, ...

Help Desk Email
If you've emailed the help desk recently and have not received a response, please email again. We've been having a spam issue, where the inbox has been flooded with 1000+ spam emails a day. I think I have fixed the problem, with the spam being directed elsewhere, however, I may have missed a geniune email when I was slogging through the fake messages.

Thanks, Celis
Celisnebula on 2015.11.03 - 11:42PM (0 Comments)

Web Hosting 2015 - 2016
The web hosting fee for the rest of 2015, until June 2016, is paid again with the funds from our donation account. It is entirely because of your generosity that we are able to continue to exist. As it stands, we have nearly 3/4 of the amount in the account for next year's bill as well, which is utterly awesome.

I just wanted to say, thank you again to everyone whom has donated, even the tiniest amount is helpful in the long run, since it just sits in PayPal accumulating interest until the bill gets paid.

Here is the widget to donate through:

The direct link is (in case the widget is unavailable or wonky): http://pitchinbox.com/redirect.php?id=1521389966

And of course you can always donate directly through send a friend money on PayPal via sh.userhelp at gmail dot com email address.

Thank you, Celisnebula
Celisnebula on 2015.06.25 - 12:57AM (0 Comments)

I first off wanted to say that I am sorry it's taken me so long to do another update on the site's situation. RL has been insane - various issues from work, family, and computer problems have pretty much limited my online time to trying to field emails, which of course has limited me in a lot of ways.

Nexcess did a server upgrade which unfortunately did not mesh well with the version of efiction we run. Luckily, bonsaibetz's husband was kind enough to help and get is back on track. Everything should be running correctly on all of the archives.

If you do notice any problems, please email the help desk.

Thank you, Celis
Celisnebula on 2015.04.07 - 01:05AM (0 Comments)

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